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MOIESS SWIMWEAR is a Polish swimsuit brand launched by Jessica Mercedes Kirschner-one of the most popular Polish bloggers and influencers. 

First bikini concepts for MOIESS Swimwear Jessica Mercedes created in her head “The idea for the swimwear brand came to me while vacationing in the tropics. I was not able to find a swimsuit, which was practical and thought through as well as would fit the body perfectly”-explained Jess. The year has gone by and the blogger can now present her collection. MOIESS offers swimwear outside of the seasons; here you can find your perfect swimsuit all year long.

Blissful vacations, unique places and exotic plants have inspired Jessica Mercedes to create MOIESS Swimwear. The collection was designed combining boho and minimalistic styles. The first collection consists of the one piece swimsuits with the ties, bikini with the different bottoms (thongs, Brazilian briefs, etc.). Bikini tops vary from classical models, to more bold ones to the sporty styles. Swimsuits can be worn not only to the beach, but also as body with the jeans or crop top. Color palette is completed with black, white and different shadows of nude. One of the most important elements that Jessica is paying a huge attention to in MOIESS Swimwear is the construction of the swimsuits. Because each piece is carefully designed and nurtured, it guarantees the great flattering fit for the different body types.

All MOIESS Swimwear products are made in Poland with the high quality Italian materials.


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