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Wild beaches, sun beams reflecting off of the water’s surface intertwined with liberation; on top of all of that unforgettable nights and an intimate relationship with nature. This is what Ibiza represents for us and that is why this magical place is the main source of inspiration for MOIESS’s newest collection. This season Jessica Mercedes and her team is taking us back to Spain’s Balearic Islands in the 1990’s. This collection has a hint of vintage, a splash of boho, and, as always, it is very sensual.

MOIESS’s SS18 Summer Collection showcases the work of one of Poland’s most known and creditable photographers - Łukasz Pukowiec. He incorporates large amounts of sunlight into his photos that remind us of a scene from a vintage summer movie or pictures from our past holidays, taking us down memory lane. In front of the Pukowiec’s camera lens stands Kornelia Tałajczyk represented by Avant Models. Kornelia perfectly reflects a natural and confident MOIESS girl. This photoshoot was personally produced and stylized by Jessica Mercedes.

Photo Łukasz Pukowiec

Model Kornelia Tałajczyk

Design, styling and makeup Jessica Mercedes Kirschner



Jess has created a campaign for MOIESS together with the girls who know her well and understand the esthetics of the brand. Sandra Kubicka, one of the top Polish models who is in high demand worldwide, became the face of the campaign. The model was posing in front of the talented fashion photographer Gosia Turczyńska.


Photo Gosia Turczyńska

Model Sandra Kubicka

Design, styling and makeup Jessica Mercedes Kirschner


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